(New Post) 5 Books To Read For A Positive 2017

I’ve seen a lot of people online say one of their resolutions this year is to read more books, some even being as ambitious as 4 books a month! I like to take my time and read before I go to bed so 1 or 2 books a month is more realistic for me. But whatever your 2017 goals are, reading more should definitely be apart of them. Within the first 2 months of any new year I usually like to be in a place of faith, happiness and learning and these 5 books below are some of my favorite books to put my head in a positive space.


1.A Return To Love By Marianne Williamson

Why You Should Read It: I am currently reading this book for the 2nd time and I’m falling back in love with it all over again. The themes are so beautiful and its the perfect book for someone like myself who is strengthening their relationship with God while learning about self love.

What’s It About: A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles is the first book by author Marianne Williamson and is to date the biggest selling book of interpretation of the spiritual thought system found in the book A Course In Miracles.


2.The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom By Don Miguel Ruiz

Why You Should Read It: The subtitle is pretty self explanatory for this book and it truly is a guide to personal freedom. If you’re an entrepreneur than I definitely think this book should be a staple in your life. After reading this book I felt more confident in my business life because I was able to apply the principals to every part of my work life.

What’s It About: Don Miguel Ruiz gives four principles to practice in order to create love and happiness in your life. Be Impeccable with your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions,  Always Do Your Best. Adopting and committing to these agreements is simple. Actually living and keeping these Four Agreements can  be one of the hardest things  you will ever do. It can also be one of the most life changing things you will ever do.


3.How to Stop Worrying Less and Start Living By Dale Carnegie

Why You Should Read It: If you’re a “worry wart”, if you’re going through a stressful time and need a little bit of reassurance than this is the book for you. I read this at a time when I couldn’t get control of my anxiety and I was barely sleeping because I was up with so many worried thoughts and this book helped to put a lot of my worry into a positive and realistic perspective. The lessons in this book sticks with you and you’ll find yourself applying Dale’s methods to your everyday life.

What’s It About: Dale Carnegie teaches his readers to eliminate fifty percent of business worries immediately. Reduce Financial worries, avoid fatigue, add one hour a day to your waking life and find yourself and be yourself.


4. The Artist’s Way By Julia Cameron

Why You Should Read It: This is a 12 week course on returning to your creative self. One of my best friends told me this year her goal is to do something creative with her life and I suggested this book to her because it gives a perfect step by step guide to release your inner artist child.

What’s It About: A self help book written to help people with artistic creative recovery which teaches techniques and exercises to assist people in gaining self-confidence in harnessing their creative talents and skills.  Correlation and emphasis is used by the author to show a connection between artistic creativity and a spiritual connection with God.


5. What I Know For Sure By Oprah Winfrey

Why You Should Read It: We all want to know or be like Oprah in some way right? This book is like having conversation with Oprah on some of her life experiences and what she learned from them. It’s a quick and easy read that left me feeling bright and appreciative of role models like Oprah.

What’s It About: Thoughtful gems have been revised, updated, and collected in What I Know For Sure. Organized by theme—joy, resilience, connection, gratitude, possibility, awe, clarity, and power—these essays offer a rare, powerful and intimate glimpse into the heart and mind of one of the world’s most extraordinary women—while providing readers a guide to becoming their best selves.

What books are you reading this month? Comment below I love a getting a good book suggestion.