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(New Video Post) Artist Vlog – T.O – LA Behind The Scenes

Hey guys! How are you? I've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, prepping "Black Actress" Season 2, auditioning, writing another series and hustling as much as I can to make my dreams a reality. I've been vlogging a lot too and I wanted … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) Deciding & Defining What You Want #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday! How are you guys doing? Today I want to talk about Deciding and Defining what you want in life. I think this is a crucial … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) “Self Love Tank Top Available” [World Wide Shipping] #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!!  This year marks two years of my "self love journey" and almost one year of talking about it publicly with all of you! … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) Dealing With Anxiety #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday! How are you guys doing? If you're on the East Coast I'm sure you're as happy as I am that we're having this Indian Summer right now, I'm hope it just keeps going this way! Today I want to talk to you guys about … [Read More...]


(New Video Post) Happy @ShondaRhimes Day! #TGIT #BlackActressWeek

I am inspired by Shonda Rimes! I can’t contain my excitement for #TGIT tonight on ABC aka The Shonda Rhimes takeover! I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a very long time and tonight feels like icing on top of an already well decorated and sugar … [Read More...]


(New Post) “Dear Universe” Box DIY Project

Hey guys, Lately I’ve been in a very whimsical mood, I’m searching for something but I’m not sure what it is and I’m pushing myself to find it. I’ve been constantly thinking about my potential and reaching all of my goals by any means necessary, and … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) Taking Risks & Knowing Your Worth #SelfLoveSaturday

    Happy Self Love Saturday!  How are you guys doing? Today I want to talk to you about "knowing your own worth" and "taking risks" and why I believe that both of these things go together. My self love journey has taught me to … [Read More...]


(New Video Post) The Importance Of A Balanced Life #SelfLoveSaturday

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. - Thomas Merton Happy Self Love Saturday!  Today I want to talk to you guys about the importance of having a balanced life. The more I enjoy my life the more I … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) Breaking Through Depression [9 Self Help Tips]

I've been very open about the fact that in my past I suffered from Depression and this is why I now work so hard at having a positive mentality and lifestyle. My depression started sometime in 2009 and lasted till 2011, and it was a very dark time in … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) What is Your Mantra? #SelfLoveSaturday

  Happy Self Love Saturday!  Today's video is inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat Pray Love". I recently watched an interview with her where she spoke about the importance of having a Positive Mantra. Your  Mantra is a … [Read More...]

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(New Video Post) #100HappyDays #Day50 Half Way Done! [VLOG]

Here we go! I've finally hit my 50 day half way mark in my 100 Happy Days Journey, Woop! So far this journey has been fantastic, it's been very eye opening and at times challenging because I've had a few days where I wasn't so happy and if it wasn't … [Read More...]


(New Video) It’s September First Time To Go Hard! #WeeklyMemo

    Happy Labor Day Guys!!  I woke up this morning and I felt super energized and excited because it's the time to step up my game and go harder! Something about September makes me feel like this is the last portion of the year and … [Read More...]


(New Video Post) Challenge Yourself Daily #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday! Today's video is inspired by Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday", a show that I watch every week and I absolutely love it! This show has become apart of my weekly Sunday relaxation and education! There is so much that can you … [Read More...]