(New Video Post) Fears, Reboots and Updates – #SelfloveSaturday

This is a quick post to give you guys an up date on how my 10 day cleanse went, for the most part it went really well, I lost a couple pounds, but my intent was not to lose weight but rather just clear my system and give myself a reboot for September/October because I’ve got a lot coming up in the next couple months with “Black Actress” and my music! Woop! Woop! Let’s also talk about fear? I’ve been getting in my head a bit and having a bit of fear for running a marathon but luckily I’m aware that the fear is trying to cripple me and I’m working on getting over it and trust and believe me I will be running a marathon in the next 2 months! So like I said, this is a quick update video, hope you’re all having a great #selflovesaturday! xo