(New post) Top 3 Music Obsessions for the week

I’m currently listening to these 3 songs on a regular rotation! Does that happen to you? You can’t stop listening to the same song(s) and you enjoy the fact that it’s stuck in your head for the whole night. Well call me crazy but I love it! These are my top 3 music obsession’s for the week. What are yours?

Daniel Beddingfield – Sometimes You just know (the lyrics are my life!)

Lady Gaga – Do What You Want with my body (this track is pure fiyah!)

Drake – Worst Behavior (My friend Aubrey, so I’m showing love)

(post) I am a new age feminist ….ladies can we do better?

Yup, I said it, I am a new age feminist. I love, support, pray for, and want to help as many women as I can. Don’t get me wrong I love men and I’m a strictly dickly kind of chick but right now at this time in my life I think women need some help.

I’m so tired of the image that I see and hear of the overly sexualized and the constant comparisons and competitions that fashion blogs and many other media outlets puts us all in everyday. And I’m especially tired of the media forcing us to make role models and idols out of reality television “stars” who are all women that are practically soul-less. The image they shove down our throats is that we should only care about money, trapping a man of a certain status, fame and wearing as many of the latest designer fashions that we can fit on our overly enhanced body parts. It’s sad, and this image doesn’t only effect women but it effects our men and the way they look, treat and feel about us. It’s no surprise to me that we’re in the middle of a rape epidemic, with the amount of reports you hear on the news and teenage girls being bullied into silence and committing suicide because of it. There is a loss of respect and value from both men and women. I always tell people how thankful I am that I’m not a teenager in 2013 because I don’t think I’d be able to handle the pressure. When I look on tumblr all I see is pictures of beautiful girls with luxurious hair, perfect bodies and distressed cut off jean shorts. I feel the pressure today to “look” a certain way and be sexy and the value on our bodies is constantly in your face and I honestly don’t think I would have done well if I was 17 right now.

With all that being said the images that we see of women today are too one sided. We need to see more women who are courageous enough to state a real opinion, to stand for a cause, to say NO to the image of outer beauty and YES to finding inner beauty. We need to show that there is more to us than just being able to “beat that face”, and that it’s not cool to be “ratchet”. Don’t tell me to bow down, pour it up and show me another way to¬†body party and I don’t want to “praise” you because you dress well and have a big butt. I want to be inspired by what you do and why. I want to hear music that makes me feel good about being a woman and watch television that makes me feel proud and aspire to do more, be more and say more. I’m proud to be a woman and I want to see us all do better.

I was very happy to hear this song NOW my body can party!