(New Post) Round Table Discussion: Black TV w/ @issarae @hillmangrad @MissNuma @AshleyBlaine

A few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Issa Rae, Numa Perrier, Lena Waithe and Ashley Blaine Featherson about the state of Black TV and how black women are portrayed in contemporary media. All of these women are making some serious moves in the film and web world and I admire their hustle and respect for arts and all of them dropped some gems for how they reached their own success and how we can find a solution for making the “average black woman” a mainstream staple. Join in to the discussion below.

(Video) Topic of the week featuring @blacknoisemedia @jabari @ashleyblaine @bestnewactress @briancwalker1

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The next video up, is a mega “topic of the week” featuring a bunch of my friends and peers in my industry that I respect and look up to.The video features Brian Walker (Executive Producer of Black Actress), Jabari Johnson (Filmmaker and Host) Ashley Blaine Featherson, (actress and creator of the new web series “Hello Cupid”). Iman Milner (Actress and CEO of Edge Magazine) and Michael “Boogie” Pickney (Director of Black Actress). In this video we discuss 3 questions: What has happened to TV/Film over the last 10 yrs for the decline in projects featuring people of color? Why have so many filmmakers had to turn to the internet to get their stories heard? and Does TV/Film today have an accurate depiction of women of color?

These are all questions that I talk about on a regular basis with my friends in the industry and ones that aren’t so I figured why not make a video about it and really get into it. Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to DONATE!!!