(New Video Post) “Be Creative” – Weekly Memo

“Creativity is not a solitary movement. That is its power. Whatever is touched by it, whoever hears it, sees it, senses it, knows it, is fed. That is why beholding someone else’s creative word, image, idea fills us up, inspires us to our own creative work. A single creative act has the potential to feed the continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone. For this reason one’s creative ability is their most valuable asset, for it gives outwardly and inwardly at every level: psychic, spiritual, mental, emotive and economic.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

This week I encourage you all to be as creative as you can in every part of your life! Your art, love, friends, family and hobbies. Our creativity is our most valuable asset and once you realize your purpose is clear and your inspiration is endless! Happy Monday!