(New Video) Headshots 101 – Actor Chats #blackactress

I recently got new head shots taken and I’m really excited about them! It’s a been a few years since I took new shots and I’m in a great place, stage and age in my life that I can honestly say I feel like there’s some new energy in my acting career!

The great thing about new head shots is that it’s a new start in some ways. Casting directors get to see you in a new light whether it be a little older, slimmer, more confident, new hairstyle or whatever you want, you’re breathing new life into YOU! I did my shots with a great photographer Pierre Gautreau who I’ve shot with many times before and he gave me the best advice, “a great shot is all about the energy that you give to the camera” and I found this to be true. I came into his studio like BAM and I felt like that through the whole shoot, I was relaxed and happy and at the end of the day my agents were happy and I was too with the final results.

Whether you’re an actor or not I think professional photos are a must have and can be used in so many ways! Check out my story about my head shots in the video below and if you’re an actor let me know your secrets to a great shot and if you’re not, consider getting some professional photos done whether for business or personal! xo