(New Video Post) Top 5 Health & Fitness Myths [Fit and Frugal] with @RobVincent03


Happy Tuesday! We have another episode from The Fit and Frugal Series with Rob Vincent and today he is covering the top 5 health and fitness myths. The do’s and don’ts and the truth about how to lose weight and stay in shape.

Check out the video below.

(New Video Post) “YOU Are The Only Competition That Matters” #selflovesaturday #rejuvenatereinvent


Happy Self Love Saturday!

How are you guys doing? How’s your fitness journey going? Mine is just starting to really take shape and I am very excited about it. As I mentioned last week I am doing a 30 Day Body Transformation with my amazing trainer Luke Stedmond and a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge which I am in love with! So basically a large part of my day is spent being drenched in sweat, but I really don’t mind, because it’s all just apart of a much bigger goal.

This week a learned a very important and encouraging lesson in competition and it was simply that I greatly enjoy competing with myself! I love to challenge myself physically and see how much further I can go, can I do one more rep, can I pick up a little heavier weight, can I run a little farther? It’s exciting to see your own growth! I love competing with myself and it’s this intense competition that I am going to use to not only complete my 30 day challenges but also surpass my physical goals. If you are on a health and fitness challenge right now then I strongly encourage you to look in the mirror and realize that you are the only competition so go out there and really compete! Check out my video below, leave a comment and Happy Self Love Saturday!