(New Video Post) Top 5 Ridiculous Expectations of ACTORS

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I recently had a conversation with a friend and she said, “there’s something I’ve always wanted to know about Actors but never had a chance to ask?…How am I supposed to know when you’re not acting anymore? Like when were you being Hazel and when are you being Andrea?” …. *Blank Stare* *Awkward Silent Pause* LOL I was completely stumped on how to answer this because the answer seemed very obvious to me buuuutt I’m never “Hazel” I’m always “Andrea” in real life and I’m only acting when I’m on set or stage because that’s my job lol. This question though as silly as it was to me is a common misinterpretation of what it’s like to be an actor, so I decided to gather a few of my talented friends to discuss the “Top 5 Ridiculous Expectations of Actors” check out the video below and chime in if you agree.

1. Can You Cry?

“You’re an actor! That’s awesome, can you cry on the spot?” No! I don’t know any actors that can cry on que but I do know a lot of actors who can cry while doing a scene that requires them to have certain emotions and they are only able to cry because they have practiced, studied and prepared to be as much in character and connected to the scene as possible aka acting.

2. When Are You Not Acting? 

The type of person who is “acting” all the time whether it is their job or not is mentally unstable. Actors are not “acting” everywhere they go or constantly being a character. Is a receptionist always answering a phone and organizing files? No. Actors are only acting while they are at work.

3. Act for me Now!

I’m sorry but just because I have a profession in the arts doesn’t mean I’m a puppet or wind-up toy that can tap dance whenever a random stranger wants some entertainment. This same question is asked every time someone finds out I’m a singer as well, “oh you’re a singer? Let me hear something…” *walks aways*

4. Have I seen Something?

I understand why people ask this question to actors but like Rob says, as an actor you usually feel a bit uncomfortable if they haven’t seen anything and you’re trying your best to cater your answer to the taste of the person asking.  But honestly if you don’t recognize them, then you most likely haven’t seen them, and that’s okay!

5. This is Tough..

Yes, we all know that being an actor is tough and not everyone is going to become a big Hollywood star but not every actor is after that! Every industry has their challenges but that doesn’t stop people from pursuing their dreams and actors are no different please stop reminding us about how tough our industry is.

If you’re an actor, what else would you add to the list?

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