(New Video Post) Finding Self Love in a Relationship #SelfLoveSaturday



Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today I want to talk to you guys about the moment I discovered I needed self love more than ever┬ábefore and it was while I was in a relationship. I am naturally a very giving and selfless person and through out my life it has been both a gift and a curse. In the past when I’d be in a relationship I would be so concerned and focused on the needs of my partner that I would often end up forgetting about myself or putting my wants away in the back of my mind. I feared if I didn’t do everything for the person infront of me that they would leave me or think I wasn’t good enough, I was leading with fear. This was a terrible way to be, because I was putting my insecurities first and living with them instead of fixing them. I knew at this time that I needed self love. I was holding on to damage from my past experiences and living with a negative belief about myself and forgetting that inorder for my partner to be happy, I have to be happy as well and ignoring my wants and needs in this relationship was the last thing I needed to do. Check out my video below on how I discovered the importance of self love while being in a relationship.