(VLOG Post) Self Love & Friends


Hey guys!

I forgot to post this Vlog on Saturday so here it is on a lovely Tuesday! As I mentioned in my last video I’m going to be doing a lot more Vlogs and covering the topics that I know you guys like to see from me within them, like beauty, health, entertainment and of course Self Love! Check out my latest Vlog below and enjoy your week! xo

(New Video Post) Be Mindful of Your Energy #SelfLoveSaturday


Hey guys,

Happy Self Love Saturday and Happy 4th of July for all of my American Friends! Today I want to talk to you about the importance of your energy and words and how what you think and feel is exactly what you get back. Before the summer started, I put “out there” (ie. multiple conversations and thoughts) that I want to bring more exciting adventures and energy into my life, I wanted to meet interesting people and have more of a social life. And in the past couple months that is EXACTLY what has come back to me in every way and I’m loving it, so with that I have learned another important life lesson. You have to be very aware of the energy that you are putting out into the world and make sure that it is exact and positive because it will definitely come back to you! Check out my video below and I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.