(New Video Post) “Black Actress Panel: Leveraging Our Personal Brand” Presented by @Besla_Org

A few weeks ago I hosted a panel in Los Angeles on “Black Actresses and Leveraging Our Personal Brand for Success”. The panel was presented by ¬†The Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association at UCLA Law School and it featured Essence Atkins, Naturi Naughton and Numa Perrier. I wanted to share a portion of the panel with you guys and share some of the topics that we discussed. This was a very interesting panel for me to be apart of, it was different from any other I’ve done because the audience that we were speaking to was a group of lawyers, publicists and agents who were all ¬†currently working in their respective fields. All of us on the panel agreed that as much information that we gave to them, they also gave us to us with their questions and suggestions for us to grow in our own careers. It was an overall great experience and I was very glad to be apart of it. Thanks again to the BESLA Organization, Tony Brackett and Brian Walker for asking me to be apart of this great panel and to Naturi, Essence and Numa for being apart of it, and being so open and honest! And a HUGE thank you to Nicholette Dixon for filming it! Enjoy!

(New Post) Round Table Discussion: Black TV w/ @issarae @hillmangrad @MissNuma @AshleyBlaine

A few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Issa Rae, Numa Perrier, Lena Waithe and Ashley Blaine Featherson about the state of Black TV and how black women are portrayed in contemporary media. All of these women are making some serious moves in the film and web world and I admire their hustle and respect for arts and all of them dropped some gems for how they reached their own success and how we can find a solution for making the “average black woman” a mainstream staple. Join in to the discussion below.