(New Video Post) Hair Color Advice for Curly Hair with @BiancaAlexa #BeautyAdviceForMyYoungerSelf

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Hey guys!

I recently sat down with my girl Simply Bianca to chat about hair color and the good, bad and ugly about dying your hair! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you’ll know that I have changed my look a lot, especially my hair color. I’ve done everything from blonde to red and all the in between colors and because of that my hair has seen a lot of damage and rebuilding to get it to the healthy state it is in now. When I sat down with Bianca the most important thing I wanted to ask her is what advice she would give to her younger self about hair dye from knowing what she knows? Both of us said that we would tell our younger selves that treatments were the key to maintaining any type of health and to stay away from the heat! If you’re thinking about dying your hair or have been through a journey with it like us, check out our video below and join the discussion.