(New Video Post) You Have To Fight [Vlog] #SelfLove


Happy Self Love Saturday!!

I got one message this past week and it was “FIGHT” Just keep fighting for what you want, just keep fighting for your happiness, just keep fighting against the depression and mental illness that makes you think you’re undeserving, just keep fighting against all of the negativity. JUST KEEP FIGHTING.

I got the message loud and clear because it was literally in and apart of everything that happened to me this past week. I love the community that we’ve built with #SelfLoveSaturdays but I want us to be happy, healthy and empowered. I want anyone that’s struggling with depression, whether it’s in waves or all the time to be able to control it and eventually get rid of it because I believe we can. Check out my video below and do me a favor this week, if you’re watching from this blog page, leave me a comment introducing yourself, letting me know who you are, where you are and you’re age.

Happy Self Love Saturday, have an amazing weekend!