(New Video) Rejuvenate and Reinvent Yourself #30DayBodyTransformation #SelfLoveSaturday


Hey guys!

Happy Self Love Saturday! I’m really excited for 2016 because this is going to be the year of my best body!

If you follow me on Social Media then you know that I have started both a #30DayYogaChallenge at Bikram Yoga LA and a #30DayBodyTransformation Challenge online with trainer Luke Stedmond . I am really going to be pushing myself in these next couple months to not only achieve my dream body but to also form healthy habits that will last the rest of my life. This year #SelfLoveSaturday will focus on Rejuvenating and Reinventing Yourself as I’ll be documenting my process and giving tips as often as I can on my journey, what I’m going through and how I am surviving. The first thing I am most excited about is that I’ve finally pushed myself to become a morning workout person in order to accomplish all of physical activity in the day and not be tempted to get lazy because the sun is down. I am not normally an early riser but its important to me to reach out of my comfort zone and give myself a fair chance to achieve my goals. I strongly encourage you to join me on this journey and push yourself this year to rejuvenate your self love journey by reinventing yourself! Check out the video and more information on the challenges below.


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3-4 Days/week of Cardio (preferably fasted HIIT, wake up drink some water and then go do your high intensity interval training cardio for 20-30 minutes)

5 days/week of weight training, alternating between legs and abs, arms and shoulders, and full body work outs


Upon waking: 500 ml water, half lemon, teaspoon apple cider vinegar


1⁄2 cup of steel cut oats

1.5 scoop new zealand whey isolate

1⁄2 avocado

1/2 tbsp Almond Butter



4-6 oz white fish: basa, tilapia etc

1 cup greens (broccoli, spinach, rapini, asparagus, or any combo of sort)

1 scoop BCAA

 MEAL #3

6 oz white fish

1cup greens (broccoli, spinach, rapini, asparagus, or any combo of sort)


6 oz white chicken breast

1⁄4 sweet potatoe

1 cup greens (broccoli, spinach, rapini, asparagus, or any combo of sort)

 Cheat Meal

Burger – No fries.


Many yoga studios offer a 30 day special or introduction program, find your local studio and inquire. I strongly suggest hot yoga as it is very challenging but it also feels great to sweat and wake your body up in this way. To cut down on costs, go to groupon and look for deals within your area. This is also a great incentive to get started because, who doesn’t love a good deal!

Let me know what you guys are doing to challenge yourself physically in 2016! #rejuvenatereinvent