(New Post) Song of the day – “Be Your Girl” by @TeedraMoses #tgif

I’m working on a new album right now and most of my musical inspiration has been coming from the good ol’ late 90’s early 2000’s R&B and hip hop era.

Beautiful melodies and music that made you naturally want to groove! I love that time and the music that came with it because it was feel good and had a sense of positivity!

In my research/inspiration mode I get to listen to some of my favorite singers like Ms. Teedra Moses! She’s the baddest! I went to one of her shows in LA a few years ago and the place was packed with nothing but strong, intelligent women who were all in conversations about how much they loved her while waiting for her to hit the stage, the vibe in the room was great! When she finally came out she was the epitome of class and what an actual diva-veteran-star should look and sound like, I was blown away! She probably did an hour set and didn’t take a single sip of water and her voice sounded better and more powerful then on her recordings, it was some of the best singing I’ve ever heard! So in honor of my love for solid r&b and great voices, my Friday Jam is “Be Your Girl” – By Teedra Moses! Enjoy and Happy Friday! xo