(New VLOG) #SelfLove & Universal Signs


Happy Self Love SUNDAY!!

My apologies for not getting my Vlog up on Saturday but I was super busy this week and the days flew by, but nonetheless here’s the video! This week I spent my week focused on the signs that God and the Universe were giving me. I truly believe that God gives you signs on a regular basis, now matter how big or small he is helping to guide you in the direction that he wants you to go. Even when he takes things away from you, it is all for a reason and a certain guidance that he needs you to take at this time in your life. Check out my vlog below and have an amazing weekend!

(New Picture Post) Bonfire Love with #TheSquadLA


My friend Lamingo and a collective of his friends have started #TheSquadLAAn Inspiring group of young professionals who have come together to share each other’s talents while creating a supportive and resourceful network. – I think it’s a really dope idea and a great way for young people of color to grow their networks and flourish in a positive way. Last night they had a bonfire event at Dockweiler beach in Los Angeles and a few of my friends and I went and it was awesome!