(New Video Post) Challenge Yourself Daily #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!

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Today’s video is inspired by Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday”, a show that I watch every week and I absolutely love it! This show has become apart of my weekly Sunday relaxation and education! There is so much that can you can learn from each of Oprah’s guests on how to truly make the best of your life and that’s what I find so inspiring about the show.

Watching this show reminds me of the importance of seeking constant growth for your soul. Between Super Soul Sunday and my Self Love journey I have learned how important it is to challenge yourself on a regular basis. There should never be a chance for you to be content with where you are, you should always be seeking more, doing and searching for more and working to truly live to your ultimate potential. Nothing good happens in comfort zones so we shouldn’t be comfortable with staying in one. My self love journey has been a moving train of growth in every area of my life and I’m truly grateful for that because if I didn’t start my self love journey I would not have gained the insight to see why the constant challenge is important. Check out my video below on the importance of Challenging Yourself!

Happy Self Love Saturday.

(New Post) #MondayInspiration – “Free Fall” By Mark Nepo

The lesson that I’ve been taught and slapped in the face with multiple times this year is “to be present and just live” . Literally this lesson has come to me in every form that it can this year and I still manage to forget and get re-reminded all over again lol.

Yesterday I was watching “Super Soul Sunday” on OWN and the featured guest was poet and author Mark Nepo who has an extraordinary story and spirit that I was very inspired by. Oprah asked him to read one of his poems, “Free Fall” and it pretty much summed up the continuous lesson that I needed to learn this year, to be present and just live. I wanted to share the poem with you guys and give you a little bit of inspiration to start the week and to remind you as well to be present and just live! Enjoy the poem and have a great week!


If you have one hour of air
and many hours to go,
you must breathe slowly.

If you have one arm’s length
and many things to care for,
you must give freely.

If you have one chance to know God
and many doubts, you must
set your heart on fire.

We are blessed.

Every day is a chance.
We have two arms
Fear wastes air.