(video) Q&A with A.Lewy answering some of your questions

“I’m making a list and checking it twice!” …ok so that might be a line from a christmas song but I think it somehow applies to my list of goals as well since I do check my list on a daily basis to remind myself of what I’m going to accomplish.

#12 on my list is creating a successful youtube channel. I’m part way there by starting the channel in the first place and now to make it successful in an unconventional “youtuber” kind of way. To kick off this goal I decided a few days ago to put out a message on my instagram, twitter and facebook page asking you guys to ask me whatever you wanted and a lot of you responded with some great questions. I wish I could of gotten to them all but I’m thinking of making this Q&A a regular thing, what do you think?  Check out my Q&A below where I talk about letting go of my fears to start, “Black Actress”, what happened to TGAW. Advice for upcoming singers and how to stay positive! Thanks to all that sent in their questions.