MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (video) Hustling and Confidence discussed by @ATWcurls & @missandrealewis
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(video) Hustling and Confidence discussed by @ATWcurls & @missandrealewis

There’s only 25 days left in this campaign which means time is officially going to fly by! DONATE NOW!! This whole thing is because I want to change the game, do something great and finally put OUR faces in the spotlight, stop all the stereotypes and the lack of color on the screen and bring in the change that we all want to see in 2013!! Please, Please Donate to this project, I can promise it’ll be worth it.

Latest video is with my homie Antoinette Henry from “Around The Way Curls” she’s a blogger, a hustler, an actress and a singer and truly an inspiring person. We’ve had many discussions about not having confidence, living to your potential and following your passions as an entertainer. This industry ain’t easy but when it’s in you, it’s just in you and the best thing you can do for yourself is give it your all! I appreciate everything she says in this video and I can’t wait to see her win that Tony! Share your thoughts in the comments.


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