MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Video) Happy Canada Day – Top 5 reasons I love Canada
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(New Video) Happy Canada Day – Top 5 reasons I love Canada

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps! I absolutely LOVE being a Canadian!

I appreciated being born and raised in Canada the more I traveled and lived in other cities and as much fun and experiences as I’ve had all over the world, there is nothing like your home! Here is a quick video on the top 5 reasons I love being apart of this great nation! Enjoy your long weekend with friends and family and good food! xo


Top 5 Reasons

1. Diversity: Many people do not know this bu Canada is a very diverse place, especially Toronto! We’ve got a little bit of every culture here, it’s beautiful.

2. Cleanliness: Canada is one of the cleanest countries you will ever go to. We take pride in having clean streets!

3. The health care system: We take care of our own especially when it comes to health. It’s not a perfect system but it’s good and you will get top notch service when you need it!

4. Tim Hortons: In Canada we have a very unhealthy obsession with donuts and coffee and there is literally a Tim Horton’s coffee shop on every corner. I love donuts so this is a good problem for me.

5. Friendly: Canadians are extremely friendly and easy going people and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Happy Canada Day!

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