MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Video Post) Actor Stuff 101 – You need a voice demo
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(New Video Post) Actor Stuff 101 – You need a voice demo

A few weeks ago I made a voice demo! My agent has been asking me to do this for YEARS and for whatever reason I’ve always slacked on doing it but now I’ve finally got my stuff together and I made one!

I went to the see the lovely people at Demomaniacs  and they hooked me up! They wrote out a script of “mock” commercials and gave me a ton of tips on how to get the best demo possible. Big Shout out to my friend and fellow actor Emmanuel Kabongo for helping me out with one of the commercials too. I’m really looking forward to stacking my resume with more voice work! If you’re an actor I encourage to not slack on getting your demo made, a lot of actors make extra income when they aren’t in front of the camera by doing commercials and cartoon voice work so go on and get those checks!

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