(New Video Post) I am Inspired by @ClaudiaIris_ 21, Cancer Survivor

Near the end of every month I’ll be introducing you guys to people who have inspired me with their own personal triumph, today I want to introduce you to Claudia Iris.

I hadn’t met Claudia in person before doing this interview with her but her story inspired me so much that I had no choice but to reach out and meet her. I used to see her facebook status updates all the time and one day was shocked when I read that she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer! Throughout her sickness I was amazed and glad to see how incredibly positive, open and honest she was about her cancer and her strong belief that she was going to beat this disease and live the life that she wanted! Well she beat the cancer and now her mentality is stronger than ever. Thank you to Claudia for allowing me to speak with her and to Salon 718 for letting us use the space! Check out the interview I did with her below.


  1. Congratulations Claudia! You are a survivor. I wish you infinite positivity, happiness, blessings, love and excellent health. 

  2. Such an inspiring and beautiful video. Thank you for sharing Claudia.

  3. This was awesome I loved this! I’m so happy that she beat cancer. Please do more this was inspiring. Thanks god bless! 

  4. She’s gorgeous and so positive. Thanks for sharing.

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