(New Video Post) Black Actress: Essence Atkins Interview @EssenceSays [Full Length]

I couldn’t wait to release the extended interview from the beautiful and genuine Essence Atkins. Her interview was absolutely amazing, she was so honest and sincere with her advice and sharing her experience in the entertainment industry, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to include in “Black Actress”. Essence was an actress that  I grew up admiring, I was obsessed with her on both “Smart Guy” and “Half and Half”  and I’m so glad that she was just as amazing in real life. Thank you, Essence for being apart of “Black Actress” and please enjoy her full length interview below!


  1. She is a beautiful person inside and out. It shows through the screen. And she is such an inspiration. Thank you so much Andrea for sharing this with us.:-)

  2. I loved this!!! I love your humility and selflessness. God Bless you because they aren’t much like you. thanks for this Andrea

  3. This was so beautiful, she is so inspiring & genuine. I absolutely love that you added the interviews with real black actresses onto “black actress” it is perfect, I can’t wait for season 2! 

  4. I really enjoyed this video, I could have watched her speak for an hour! I wonder, will we be seeing full length interviews from the other actresses featured in the Black Actress series?

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