MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Music Post) @WrathsChild —- A Big Shout Out to My Friend @SimonCurtis
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(New Music Post) @WrathsChild —- A Big Shout Out to My Friend @SimonCurtis


I’m crying, like actually CRYING!

I’ve been very blessed to have really talented, ambitious and tenacious friends who constantly inspire me and remind me to keep going through their own hard work and constant chase of their dreams. My friend Simon Curtis is a beautiful person that I am overwhelmingly proud of today and this post is dedicated to him!

I met Simon in 2008 filming the movie “Spectacular” for Nickelodeon and I immediately connected with him, because we were the same age and both pursuing acting with the hopes of becoming famous singers! I know that might sound backwards but it’s very common to meet actors who want to sing or singers who want to act, entertainers are multifaceted and most of us just want the world to see us use ALL of our talents and Simon was no different. Oh and to top it off he’s hilarious, like way funnier than he probably even realizes so all of these things on top of a good person made him my immediate bestie!

After “Spectacular” came out in 2009 both of us went really hard focusing on our music and we both released albums in 2010 (I featured him on my song “Talk to Me” from my album 54321) and then he released another in 2011 and then life happened. Our releases went well but we weren’t rich and the fight didn’t become any easier, so for both of us it was back to square one. I ended up moving to New York and he stayed in LA and we both did our best to figure out what was going to come next. The hardest part of being an independent artist is keeping the momentum, keeping the fight going and ignoring the fact that it keeps getting more and more difficult! Despite being in different cities we were always in similar places in our lives, whether that meant spiritually or career wise and we’d often call each other our “Spirit Twin” and still to this day I tell people that he’s the “white male” version of me LOL. But because I wasn’t able to see him in person, a part of me used to worry if he’d lost his momentum because I know how hard it is. You need friends in your corner to help you to keep going and this is a lot easier to do when you’re side by side. I knew that he was going to form a group with our friend Ro (who I met through Simon and performed with her in the London a few years ago) but I also knew that they had to deal with a lot of outside bull shit to get their vision and new music out so naturally I was worried and hoped and prayed that it would somehow work itself out. They both are extremely talented and I knew from my own experience there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to release music and having a lot of outside factors stopping you!

Fast forward to a few days ago and here comes the big debut of “WrathsChild” the dynamic duo “Wolfy and Simon” and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! It was time – it was finally their time! Today they released the single “Fall Into Love”  with Billboard.com, it beautiful pop song with a crazy amazing tribal inspired bridge (I’m obsessed with Tribal by the way!) and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve literally balled my eyes out listening to it because I’m so proud. I know what this pursuit is like and it’s not easy so seeing my friends being able to release something that I know didn’t come easily because it was two years in the making, makes me proud, excited, happy, and inspired! My motto for 2014 is “Find A Way” And seeing this debut is proof that you have to, no matter what always find a way to do what your heart wants to do! You want to sing? Then sing! You want to act? Go act! You want to be the biggest pop star in the world? Then do everything you can until you get to that grand stage! Find A Way!

Ro — You sound beautiful and look like the coolest, most badass chick EVER on the cover! I want to be you! 

Simon — I’ll love you forever, and I couldn’t be more proud of you in this moment. This song, this group, this cover, everything feels right! It’s go time, so GO BIG OR GO HOME and try it all over again! LOL. Don’t stop, you’re far too talented and your heart is too good for the world to not see what you have to offer .  

Go Check out this beautiful song, and please spread the word!  —> FALL INTO LOVE 


  • Missty
    Posted at 19:02h, 24 March Reply

    This is a beautiful post Andrea, you seem like a great friend

  • Becca
    Posted at 19:03h, 24 March Reply

    “You want to sing? Then sing! You want to act? Go act! You want to be the biggest pop star in the world? Then do everything you can until you get to that grand stage! Find A Way!” THANK YOU for saying that!

  • Robby
    Posted at 21:18h, 24 March Reply

    Nice song

    Posted at 02:29h, 25 March Reply

    I’m literally crying reading this lines, you’re such an amazing friend Andrea. It’s plain to see how much u love Simon & how proud of him and his music u are! I love your friendship, God bless u both!! Ro too, of course, she has an amazing talent, just like Simon. Fall Into Love is brilliant & perfect & catchy & everything awesome in between! I’m infatuated already!! Can’t wait to see the video & to hear the whole album 😉 Love, <333

  • Malarie
    Posted at 05:03h, 25 March Reply

    This song is dope! Great post!

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