(New Video) It’s September First Time To Go Hard! #WeeklyMemo




Happy Labor Day Guys!! 

I woke up this morning and I felt super energized and excited because it’s the time to step up my game and go harder! Something about September makes me feel like this is the last portion of the year and I’ve got to go hard! The summer was extremely short in my opinion and but I’m sort of glad it’s over because I’m ready to work, even though I was working during the summer I had a little more of social life than usual which was great but now it’s go time! So today I’m giving you guys a quick video reminder to GO HARD now, in school, at work or with your goals! Stop playing and get it done!


  1. Thanks! Love that I’ve discovered your channel and it’s filled with such positivity! I was scared to start a YT channel (extension of my blog) but you motivate me to go for it. Thank you – and blow 4th quarter outta the water. 🙂 

  2. Love it! Almost time to tally up accomplishments for the year!

  3. Thank you Andrea!

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