MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Video Post) Vlog: Giving Back to The Cayman Kids [Artist Grind]
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(New Video Post) Vlog: Giving Back to The Cayman Kids [Artist Grind]





Hey guys!

Happy Hump Day! I want to share with you guys a quick peak into a few weeks of my recent grind. I’ve been auditioning a lot lately which is a blessing and working very hard on Black Actress Season 2 and I was also invited by the Soy Foundation (Save Our Youth) in Cayman Island to speak to the students at John Gray High school, Clifton Hunter High School, CIFEC After School Program and The Francis Bodden Girls Home. I brought my best friend Melisa with me and we had an amazing time! Big Shout out to Iris and George who showed me a very gracious time on the island and I was truly grateful for the experience. I tried to film as much as I could and give you guys a little peak into the beauty of the people and island, check out my vlog below and look out for more updates on my Artist Grind!

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