MISS ANDREA LEWIS | [Kickstarter Campaign] Andrea Lewis Presents: Jungle Wild Productions #Donate
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[Kickstarter Campaign] Andrea Lewis Presents: Jungle Wild Productions #Donate

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Hey guys,
I’d like to introduce you to my production company Jungle Wild. Jungle Wild is a new model entertainment company started by myself and Brian Walker, and features a collective of young, experienced, content creators who are focused on producing original television, film, and digital content that showcases women, people of color, and the LGBT community. Our goal is to continue to produce and distribute our current hit series, Black Actress, and produce and distribute 3 new series by the end of 2015 on the Andrea Lewis Youtube Channel. We’ve already developed the concepts and over the next few weeks, we will release sample video content for the series.
We are currently raising money for Jungle Wild on Kickstarter and we are asking for your help to reach our goal of 30K. Our team and much of our cast for the series are already confirmed and are just waiting for our shooting dates. They are eager to show the world that casts with a diversity of characters, both in front of the camera and behind, create the best entertainment. In 2015, we would also like to begin developing our first independent feature. So with your help, we can reach our goal and create opportunities for other diverse content creators to produce and showcase their work as well.
Please check out the video and link below and donate to our campaign and help us to bring diversity to Hollywood and change the world.


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