MISS ANDREA LEWIS | #BlackActress Season 2 Ep 4 ft @Keesha_Sharp
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#BlackActress Season 2 Ep 4 ft @Keesha_Sharp


Hey guys,

My apologies for the late upload, when you’re an independent filmmaker sometimes the technical God’s play with your emotions, but we’re back in business finally! Tonight’s episode features the beautiful Keesha Sharp who I’m obsessed with because she’s awesome and petite like me! In this episode she gives great advice on how she deals with fear, rejection and keeping sane in this business.

Tonight Kori meets with a very accomplished acting coach, Stella played by series producer Essence Atkins, to help her with her upcoming audition and she begins the process of breaking her down. Romeo takes things up a notch and invites Kori and Izzy out for a group date and his true feelings for her are revealed. Enjoy the episode below, this will be the last one as we take a mid season break, help us to complete our season and donate to our kickstarter campaign HERE

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