MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Post) Love Actually By @karynrosebruyning #BeyondComplicated
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(New Post) Love Actually By @karynrosebruyning #BeyondComplicated

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We’re all just trying to figure it out. That’s it. Even those of us who seem to know what we’re doing only get to be so smart, after falling on our a face a few times (or in my case a TON of times).

These are the facts:

The key to a having a healthy, adult relationship is taking a minute to examine all the shit you did wrong in your last one, making the necessary adjustments, and doing better. Don’t bring any of your old baggage into your new thing. Simple as that.  Simple. As. That. What a phrase!

Here’s the thing though, being honest with yourself about who you are , why you did what you did, and why you do what you do is hard (as hell). Even more so when you’d prefer to believe that your failed relationship was ALL the other person’s fault. In reality, it’s never all on one person. If all you did wrong was ignore you intuition, then you did indeed assisted someone in getting to hurt (you).

Let’s say you know exactly what kind of crazy you are and have completely made your peace with it (as you should or be working to be better). The question then becomes are you honest with the other person? Did you walk in and tell/show them all of who you are and what that means? If the answer is NO, what you’ve done is successfully aided in making things harder for yourself and without questions setting you relationship up for more drama than necessary. You can’t be mad that this person made you steak if you never said you were a vegetarian and pretending to like steak when you hate it isn’t the right move either.

In our new web series, Andrea and I dig into how and why it all goes left in love. Love is never easy, but surely it doesn’t have to be this hard…BEYOND COMPLICATED





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