(New Video Post) #BlackActress Episode 3 featuring @ReaganGomez

I can’t believe how the weeks are flying by and we’re already at Episode 3! ¬†Tonight’s special guest is the beautiful Reagan Gomez, from Zaria on ParentHood and one of the voices on The Clevelands and she has her own web series called “Home Again” getting ready to go into it’s 2nd season that you can watch at http://www.youtube.com/reagangomez¬†. For now check out tonight’s episode and let me know what you think!

Episode Description:

After a few failed audition attempts, Kori decides to join a new acting class with the renowned writer/director Tommy Hannigan and the class doesn’t turn out exactly as she’d hoped. Special Guest Reagan Gomez.

(New Post) What we’ve learned from “Kori Bailey” so far #BlackActress 4pm pst/7pm est

Episode 3 Comes out tonight at 4pm pst/7pm set and I wanted to do a quick re-cap on what we’ve learned from “Kori Bailey”.

1. Auditions are difficult no matter how prepared you think you are.

2. It’s ok to be insecure just don’t stop pursuing your dreams

3. You are your own worst enemy.

In the first two episodes of Black Actress we watched Kori struggle through her auditions and also struggle to regain her confidence in herself as an actress. Luckily her best friend Izzy has served as both her support system and distraction to remind¬† her that life continues outside of “acting”. In tonight’s episode Kori takes initiative to do something about her acting career and starts a new acting class with the renowned Tommy Hannigan. The class however doesn’t end up being what she hoped for and anyone that takes acting classes knows you shouldn’t always believe the hype!

I think all entertainers have once been in the same place as “Kori Bailey”. Unsure where your life is headed and even more unsure of what you’re doing. It’s a scary place to be in and depending on your choices you’re either going to sink or swim.

Check out the first two episodes below and stay tuned tonight 4pm pst/7pm est http://www.youtube.com/issarae