(New Video Post) Dream Big But Focus Small #SelfLoveSaturday

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Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today’s video is inspired by a quote from Oprah to “Dream Big But Focus Small”. When I read this quote from Oprah a million light bulbs went off in my head because this is ALL I know how to do! I’ve told you guys many times that I have HUGE dreams that often keep me up at night and used to truly overwhelm me because I didn’t know where to start and how to make them my reality, until I learned how to focus on the small steps. When it comes to my self love journey and my career I have a big picture in my head but I’ve had to take the small steps in order to get things done and the small steps have been improving my health, conquering my fears,  being shameless about my work, working on my craft and a whole ton of other steps that I’ve talked to you guys about on Self Love Saturdays. When we focus small we remain on the right path and get things done the right way, check out my video below on why you should “Dream Big but Focus Small”



  1. great video. I think i most enjoyed your saying “getting things down is one of my strong traits” So powerful to hear you say what you KNOW you are good at. I know I often focus on what I need to improve and don’t praise myself for those things I do well. This was a gentle reminder that I am deserving of my dreams and to treat myself with compassion along the journey. thanks

  2. This video was right on time. I was taking to someone about this yesterday.

  3. John Knowles says:

    Good advice! Always dig your posts, Andrea.

  4. Andrea I love your videos! I always look forward to watching them every Saturday morning to start the day off with positive vibes and reflection! Thank you!

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