MISS ANDREA LEWIS | (New Video Post) Running, PCOS & #SelfLoveSaturday [Vlog]
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(New Video Post) Running, PCOS & #SelfLoveSaturday [Vlog]


Happy Self Love Saturday,

I’m happy I made it to Saturday because this week was extremely rough for me. Everything that could’ve gone wrong went that way and by time Thursday hit I was pretty much ready to call it quits. But I’m here, I’ve survived, I’m still going despite feeling a bit down still and I’m still looking forward to my #EmpowermentWknd starting today with my “Black Women in Entertainment: Behind The Scenes” panel and networking event happening in LA today.

In today’s video I talk about my running journey and inspiration from Run Coach Byron Linnell Edwards  I touch a bit on what I know about PCOS and how running has helped me with it. Check out the video below and have a great weekend!

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