(New Video Post) Finding Magic, Finding Joy & Finding Trust – 3 Part #SelfLove Documentary

I wanted to make a documentary that focused on Self Love and the beauty of Black Women, below you’ll find A 3 part series, “Finding Magic” “Finding Joy” & “Finding Trust”. I was privileged to have open honest and inspirational conversations with writers, singers, actors, artists and cool girls who shared their experiences with me and I am so happy with how it turned out. Thanks for the love it’s already received and please let the questions sit with you and let me know? What’s your magic? What’s your biggest fear and when did you find trust for yourself?

#21DayDetox [Vlog] #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self love Saturday!

It’s official, we’re cleansing! I have a lot of toxins to get rid of from my body, mind and spirit and I’m starting with a 21 Day Detox! I did this detox earlier in the year and I prefer to call it a “reset” because that’s what it was for me, removing certain foods from my diet not only resulted in over all weight loss, but I had more energy, felt better about myself and my mind set was in a better place — THAT is where I want to be now.

I’m in a new phase of my self love journey and I think it’s important to start with a blank slate and for me that always begins with taking care of my body. To hold my self accountable I’m going to be doing 21 days of daily uploads following my meal plans and day to day changes along the way of this cleanse and I highly encourage you to join me. You can use the hashtag #21Day on social media and tag me Twitter @MissAndreaLewis or IG @AndreaLewis. Check out the guide below and let me know in the comments if you’re down for the change! screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-2-40-23-am




New @JungleWildTV Series – #BeyondComplicated [4 New Episodes]


I’d like to present my latest scripted series “Beyond Complicated” co-written by myself and KarynRose Bruyning (Smoke & Mirrors, P.O.P)

Please Enjoy 4 New Episodes below, tweet, comment, share and #pickaside #BeyondComplicated

(New Web Series Alert) Beyond Complicated Trailer 3/9/16

FullSizeRender-4 copy

New Web Series! New Web Series! New Web Series! I’m very excited to announce that on Wednesday March 9th I’ll be dropping the first part of my new show Beyond Complicated co-written by KarynRose Bruyning and myself!

Beyond Complicated is a show about the difficulties and day to day miscommunications that happen in a relationship. Each episode shows both the male and female lead’s perspective on their situation.  This is the 2nd scripted web series from my production company Jungle Wild and I was inspired to create from my girl friends and our own real life conversations about guys and how and why the sexes usually don’t understand each other. I am so proud of this show, the cast, and my awesome NY crew for helping me to produce another show! On March 9th be ready to join the conversation, pick a side and learn a little something about the complications of being in a relationship.

(New Video Post) Tech Talk with @TatianaKing – Neo SmartPen N2 #WomensHistoryMonth

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.52.52 AM

Happy Women’s History Month!

On Saturday in my last video I mentioned that I’ll be releasing a lot of new content this month and I’m very excited to kick off #WomensHistoryMonth with my girl @TatianaKing and talking about technology! Tatiana is an overall dope chick, she’s tech savvy, an daring fashionista, a self proclaimed comic nerd and one of the members of the awesome podcast FanBrosShow. Do yourself a favor and follow her @TatianaKing , in this video we’re talking about the Neo Smartpen N2. This is a great device for any young entrepreneur who’s constantly on the go, loves to write but doesn’t want to have a bag full of crumpled up papers (like me lol). Check out the video below, I was very impressed by this device and I definitely added it to my list of “must haves” in 2016!

(New Video Post) Updates & Tings! #SelfLoveSaturday

Hey guys,

Happy Self Love Saturday! Today’s video is a quick update on all the new content that will be coming out of “Jungle Wild Productions” to my youtube channel and an update on my health and fitness journey with my online trainer Luke Stedmond. Check out the video below, comment & share!

(New Video Post) The Way You Love is Correct! – #SelfLoveSunday


Happy Self Love Sunday!

Hey guys, my apologies for not getting a video up on Saturday but my week has been so hectic and flew by quickly so instead today I’m doing #SelfLoveSunday!

I was inspired by this picture below, this is a lesson that I’m still learning.


I went through a break up last year and I was very insecure after because I felt like maybe the way I loved was too much, and not correct and that I needed to re-analyze who I was and the “right way to love”. But then one day I woke up and said “wait! that’s not right!” The way I love is going to be right for the right person. It’s okay to love hard and with your full heart especially if it makes you happy! Always be yourself, especially when it comes to your heart and your love! Give it your all, love hard it will be perfect for the perfect person! Check out my video below, comment and have a great weekend!


(New Video Post) #SelfLoveSaturday Beauty Hacks – Healthy Update


Hey guys!

Happy Self Love Saturday! How are you guys doing? Today’s video is a quick update on some of my weekly beauty hacks that I’ve been doing along with my #30dayyogachallenge (which I just completed! Woop!) and #30DayBodyTransformation which I’ve now bumped up to 60 days because I’m seeing the results that I’ve been looking for!

In this video I’m talking about activated charcoal which please click the link  to find out all of it’s wonderful benefits and my indian healing clay mask which I use every Sunday. As well the best deep conditioner I’ve ever used by Mixed Chicks and of course my trusted go to product Coconut Oil! Check out the video below and have a great weekend!

(New Video Post) Start Planning For 2016 #SelfLove


Hey guys!

On today’s #SelfLove Video I want to talk to you about getting started on your 2016 goals and plans. I don’t believe in starting your new year resolutions on January 1st, instead I think you should begin your new year resolutions by no later than Dec 1st! Get started on your year early! For me, by time Canadian Thanksgiving hits (early October) I’m already planning what I want my next year to look like. The daydreaming and planning process is one of my favorite things to do, whether writing it down, building a new vision board or simply watching Ted Talks to gain inspiration, it was one of the most relaxing and fulfilling things you can do for yourself to prepare you for next year. Check out my video below and tell me some of your 2016 goals in the comments below.

“What Are You Thankful For?” #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

How are you guys doing? My apologies for being M.I.A with #SLS videos but I’m back now! It was Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday (Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October) and it inspired me to get back into my Saturday ritual and talk to you guys about what I am thankful for. I’ve had a very interesting year and even though it’s had a few bumps I’ve still had a lot to be thankful for like my family, my friends, my sight, hearing and overall health and for constant motivation and inspiration in my life. I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving and let me know in the comments what you’re thankful for.